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Our Consulting Services

Elias Consultancy is an independent advisory company headquartered in Singapore, specialising in the expansion of tech companies across Asia

With a global network established across key technological hubs such as Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, we help tech companies in every stage of their innovation journey by i. offering professional guidance, and actionable solutions to issues and ii. connecting them with potential clients, partners, venture capitals and investors.


Performance Analysis

The performance analysis includes identification of the industry economic characteristics and strategies, assessment of the quality of the financial statement and current profitability and risk, forecast of the future financial statements and ultimately, the company’s current value.

Strategic Planning

We will build a bridge between strategy and execution. Based on the company’s detailed analysis, we offer guidance in strategy formulation, technology, fundraising, marketing, and market expansion. You will have an internal business plan that is meant to steer the focus of the owner and an external business plan meant for investors or clients. 


No business can be built alone. Through our connections, you can expedite your company’s growth by having strategic partners and focusing your resources on reaching out to the right target audience including clients and investors and joining the suitable acceleration programmes.

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